“ Be Mindful of your self-talk. It's a conversation with the universe “

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We as a human being unconciously speak to ourselves everyday. We might not realized it, because we speak with ourselves in our mind. When we tell ourselves we dont want this or that, we can't do this and that, it's all our self talk.

We shouldn't talk negative because our self talk is our conversation with universe. When we talk a lot about something, then the universe will give us more of that. We should only talk something positive, the stuff we want in our life so that we'll attract more of those positive thing in life and achieve all our goals.

It took a lot of practices to make this as a habit, but it start from our awareness.

So start your positive self talk from now on Steemians, and change your life into a better one :)

Have a good day

[ Be Kind . Be Grateful . Be Present ]

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