The Imposter Syndrome to Overconfident Arrogance Dichotomy

in quote •  3 months ago

The human experience is a crazy ride between the invalid “I’m not good enough” imposter syndrome of anxiety and insecurity (when factually we may be the best for the job) and times of laughably arrogant overconfidence with no rational basis.‬

‪At least we’re on the ride together.‬

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I saw your tweet earlier... of course I agree, but what I find comically ironic about your little nugget of wisdom is that those who need those mirrors placed in front of their faces, sure also lack the ability to understand it.

I kind of gave up on "corporate america" because this delicate dance of stupidity is everything I saw, although I never described it with bening wording.

this is so true bud thanks for sharing and sorry about my english is not so well as yours. Greetings from venezuela

Ah, and the plot twist: the laughably arrogant overconfidence is often a cover for the I'm Not Good Enough insecurity;)

The Indians had a saying of the two wolves inside us. One which is full of fear, and one which is full of possibility. The winner of the two is the one you feed the most.

Get rid of the ego(impossible) but at least calm it or ask it why? Live in the now or try to ......... these things help me.

Ha ha so good brother @lukes.random . Pretty much captures the two basic roles of human ego: the victim and the judge (perpetrator). Awareness, awareness, awareness is the way out! Much love brother. Hope to see you soon!