KLYE's Quote of the Day #20

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Perhaps ranking up there in my all time favorite video game series the Bioshock franchise certainly has a darker more cynical spin to it's storytelling and realities than most! Highly recommended if you've not checked them out yet. Great Adventure / FPS.

Do you choose to do as you wish or are you told to do things? While slavery was officially abolished in north america years and years ago the harsh reality is that it still very much exists today in the form of taxation from the government.. They print money at will, then charge you a bit on your income, essentially claiming their life hours as their own, enslaving you..

Choose to be free, stand up against the gangsters that wear suits and use police and prison to scare you into submission and ultimately live happy, as the creator intended!


for Witness!

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Hey Klye, "Would you kindly go upvote my posts ?" hahaha

A great game indeed.



I was expecting someone to say it XD

North America knew that the slave was officially abolished year ago, but today and still it is in the form of taxes from the government. They do not want to print money by printing it. Then charge a bit on income. They were not known. Thanks for sharing this news. May God bless all people.

I like the Bioshock series but it's not as good as the System Shock series was. I'm old school.

As for being a slave? Everyone that is currently working for someone else is a slave. It's a form of indentured servitude.

Each of use deserves our freedom but this world makes it awfully hard to be free.

Hope all is good bro lol still degening here :/ lost my shirt today.

Choose or you lose! :P

For now This is like a rebel only.and this gangsters in suits are meeting up in Argentina the next month, and who knows they might just called off ban on cryptos.

I like this quote! I have just had visitors from a "nanny state" and I was amazed at how obedient they were.

We all are slave. Life torchers us. Society fixes our work. No one gives food, yeah food,without money. Slaves!!!

Thanks for sharing this post..i like writing.

Awesome quote. It inspired me. Thanks for sharing

Kyle I have been waiting to get verified on Steem.Global along with many others from the looks of the verification page. It has been way over a week for me and havent been verified yet.

I got a question.


What's the question?