Looking for Steem writers on Quora

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Looking for writers who will post some Steem content to "The Steemian Roundup;" our Steem space on Quora.

We are currently at 553 members and I think we can get this growing.


You can repost older content. If you have some Steem content you don't mind reposting to the Steem Quora Space, invite link is here https://www.quora.com/q/otycmrjbbhahuqae?invite_code=8DyAxbVPLLlCb052giDD

Let me know your Quora username in the comments below and I will add you to the contributor list, where you can add post freely.

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Hello sir @theycallmedan i am create my account and try to set profile.and also will active with this always.

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Quora username: Nihar Roy

Boss I've join here but can't figure out what works here..?

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I tried to set my profile. I'll try to be active there.

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Once again, thanks for your support!

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I am sure to already be on your list over there @theycallmedan from the last time you pushed that platform, but I cannot stray from my path right now.

We lost an important minnow-booster yesterday and this is my post about that.

Whale Tip! Only YOU Can Save NewSTEEM

This was a blow to STEEM and to many little fish. My post is an effort to find anyone with sizable accounts to help down below. If you get people from quora to come here, they need some way to succeed when small.


there also.

@theycallmedan, Hope that, Quora Space will going to fill with Steem Knowledge Transfer Content. Keep up brother and stay blessed.

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@theycallmedan I have a Youtuber w/ 114k subscribers that would be great to add to 3speak. I was very hesitant to refer them to Dtube due to the many issues they have with uploading and videos not playing however I think 3speak works very well and it's very censorship resistant. The problem is how to describe and demonstrate effectively why they would want to come to the STEEM Blockchain. Do you perhaps have an "Elevator Speech" or a very basic description / video which could be easily shared in order to recruit? Perhaps we can come up with something very simple yet effective to send to prominent Youtubers to get them to sign up. I find it very difficult to explain Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in general to the "lay person". If we could become equipped with some marketing that is clear , concise and easy to digest it would make recruitment much easier. We need a turnkey system for recruitment. Lets Talk About It !

https://steemsavvy.com/ has a ton of videos. Let me know if you need anything else

I was unaware of these videos, they are great . Thanks ! I will start reviewing them. Is there an introduction video to 3speak as well ?

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I would like to join in. I joined it how can I work it plz tell me

Here’s my profile on Quora:


Haven’t been very active there lately...

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Thanks for the invite. I just joined Quora, name is Manol Donchev, and I still need some time to learn how it works.

So how do I contribute? Make posts or share links under the Quora space?

Hi Dan,

I already clicked the "follow button" and this is my Quora link :


Obiajulu Mbanefo my quora username, thanks

I couldn't write anymore in any other site Sir @theycallmedan

Hi Dan!

My username is Doifeellucky!


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