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"Devotion to duty is the highest form of worship of God."

-- Swami Vivekananda.

Amazon Quiz 20 March 2019 Answers win Honor View 20

Amazon is running app-only Quizzes daily 8am to 12pm IST.
Below are the Steps:

  • Open Amazon app.
  • Click on Amazon Quiz Time
  • Start the Quiz
  • Answer all 5 questions
  • Done!!

Below are the Quiz Answers:-

Question 1 :
Rajasthan is the prominent desert region of India. Which desert makes up most of this state?
Answer : Thar

Question 2 :
Who was the first person to win an individual medal at the Olympics, representing independent India?
Answer : K. D. Jadhav

Question 3 :
Which of these desserts has its roots in Hyderabad’s Nizami legacy, and is traditionally prepared from dried apricots?
Answer : Qubani Ka Mitha

Question 4 :
There is an ancient Indian weapon known as ‘Katar’. What type of weapon is it?
Answer : A dagger

Question 5 :
Which famous Indian poet did Shankar Mahadevan collaborate with, for his track, ‘Breathless’?
Answer : Javed Akhtar



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