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Riddles are the following:

  1. What can I share only once?
  2. "Who" speaks all languages?
  3. This is what you can see with your eyes closed.

Leave your 3 answers in the comment (somehow like this - answer1/answer2/answer3)
Don't edit your comment - only one comment allowed.
The first who gives 3 correct answers will receive 3 SBD.

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Kidney, God, the back of your eyelids

Your life, a dictionary, eyelids

Life, Technology (Alexia, Siri, etc), eyelids

there is still no even 1 right guess! I don't know - maybe it's too hard? So anyway - the one who will give more correct answers will receive 3 SBD

  1. A secret
  2. a polyglot
  3. all colours therefore darkness

You gave 1 correct answer and you are the winner! 3 SBD is already transfered to you.


Thank you very much

Answer1 upvote/ answer 2 god/ answer 3 the past

ok. I see here is no more activity - so it's time to pick a winner
The right answers are 1 - secret, 2 - echo, 3 - dream