U.S Govenrment Highjacks Every Phone In America, Lawsuit Filed.

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Yesterday I was in the office and all 4 cell phones starting going crazy with a very loud and unpleasant sound. Of course I immediately picked it up to 1. see what it was and 2. to turn it off as fast as possible.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 3.11.48 PM.png

It said Presidential Alert and I was like "WTF.....Never heard of that before......What could it mean?"

Obviously there are millions of other people wondering the same thing. Twitter and other social media platforms have countless tweets etc about it and major news outlets had some stories about it also.

Lots of people were annoyed as the sound is horrible but worse is that there is no notification or even choice to opt in or to opt out.

Whats even more interesting is that it wasn't actually a presidential alert at all but a FEMA highjack. It wasn't even a real alert just a test to be sure they can highjack everyones phone if they want to....

There were lots of funny tweets about trump of course as we all know how much he loves to tweet about how he's using this system so every American with a cell phone reads his "fantastic tweets". Now thats funny indeed especially as its a joke. Though its not so funny that they are able to do that and its just considered ok. I can see if we have the option to opt in then yea sure, if we want to be notified of what the government deams important than fine. However to have no option just shows how vulnerable and powerless we are when in the system.

NY did file a lawsuit about it but it was kicked out immediately. You can read a bit more about it here.

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What a time to be American!

I'm so happy to be in Mexico where I'm safe...for now.


Loving your Steem!

There's relatively few apparent uses I can think of for a "national-level emergency system" other than war or a large scale terrorist attack (e.g. either a physical attack or a cyber attack).

Based on a test like this being performed, it then leads me to wonder if there isn't an increasing concern among government officials that such an attack might happen, based on recent rising tensions between national governments.


My thoughts though
It shows a porous and possibly futuristic attack (I hope not).
Security measures should be strengthened afterwards

My wife got the message but apparently I'm on the "do not save" list. I did not get the alert, haha! Seriously though, it would be nice to be able to opt in or out.


Of course....Choice Is essential for freedom especially in a country that prides it self on "freedom" and calls it self "The Land of the Free"
I may even opt in if I had the choice but not having it makes me angry and like I said just the fact they have the power to do that is scary....


Totally understand and agree.

Some news a week or two ago had informed me that the presidential alert alert would be tested on that particular day.

As I understand this system was finished and ready to operate during Obama's presidency, but it was kept silent. Using the presidential alert system... well let's just say it makes everyone question why the President should be allowed to have that much power directly to every citizen. Did Congress ever approve it? As I understand, it was meant to be used only in the need of a major national disaster or major terrorist attack or threat.

I agree it was very loud and frightening. Normally my phone speakers are not allowed to blast sound that loudly, even when maxed out. Thought I was going to have a heart attack.

People who don't want these alerts or have their activities recorded might want to investigate if any smartphone companies or apps have a product that cannot be controlled by the government (FEMA, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.). I use blue tape to cover my camera. All the people wearing tinfoil hats are laughing at the rest of us now for not believing their warnings.

Next phase of the conspiracy/agenda is 5G everywhere. Will it be able to influence the electrical signals directly reaching our brains?

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OK -- I almost never reply to anything, but felt compelled to here. This was announced on the radio, TV, and in the newspapers. It told everyone exactly what time it would occur and why. It is the same exact test that ever radio station & TV station does to make sure the national alert system works. Perhaps the sound was too loud. I don't know because I didn't hear it. But I believe people are overreacting. Most people should have known about this because it was widely distributed information.

That was a ridicously startling noise that I never want to hear again. EVER.

Lots of packed theaters are going to get shows interrupted AF.


hhaahhahaa wonder if it even alerts on airplane mode?!?!?!
Would prove airplane mode is still tracked.....which means not REALLY airplane mode...


Ha! Hope they weren't watching something scary when it happened. 😱