Superfood herbal infused medicinal Eden cocktails!

in quinneaker •  last month 


This is a frozen watermelon lemon balm infused moonshine frozen cocktails/smoothie!

With a pure silver straw!

So so good & refreshing!

We now have about 10 different infused tincture spirits. They are all amazing!

We are now making medicinal super infused cocktails for our food experiences. Drinking these cocktails is delicious and fun plus you get all the medicinal benefits of herbal tinctures!

All our herbs are beyond organic, wild crafted freshly harvested from our food forest.

For brunch on Sunday we serve Eden Mimosas with orange juice and infused spirits!
Super powered mimosa~
This is a world class @intothegardenofeden mimosa made with Fresh squeezed orange juice sparkling water and our own wildcrafted pineapple mint infused liquor!


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Delicious no matter how you fix 'em!! And the fact that they have so much life and herbal medicine makes them even that much more special and enjoyable. Mmmmm! <3