Steem Powered Trash Recycling With @cleanplanet

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Not Just Picking Up Trash But turning It Into Sustainable Value Instead Putting it In Landfill.

Everywhere humans live there always seems to be lots of trash. I have been saving and
Picking up trash daily for over a decade. Somebody needs too.


It’s better to put trash in the landfill than the ocean or river however an enlightened society would not waste anything.

Trash can actually be used for so many things. I have mad soil, houses and even art our of trash.


I have saved millions of lbs of trash from the landfill in the last decade without being paid. Plus I put almost ALL if it to good use.

So not only am I saving trash and picking it up I’m not creating More trash by buying stuff to Make soil or run the toilets.


Here I just pick up and collect metal and save them for a few weeks in then I am not only picking up the trash but recycling it too!

Not only is it being RE used, but every time I go to the scrap yard I am getting $75 for my efforts.

It’s not much, but I am going to do it anyways so might as well get something!


I recently found out about @cleanplanet and they actually reward people for doing what should be done!

Here is the @cleanplanet proof it happened today.


So with cleanplanet and Steem there is legit reward, be it small, for doing what should be done anyways!
Check em out and support the cause!

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I love that you do it anyways, with or without pay! Always so focused on and dedicated to your values! Go go go @quinneaker!