Review Of Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

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I am a big fan and have been for a long time of the benefits of probiotics and micro organisms.
The living probiotics are crucial especially now days when people are eating so much cooked and processed foods which have zero living life force.
Gut health is so important and beginning to get the attention it deserves.


In fact gut health is not only crucial for digestion, but science now says there is as much going on in the gut as the brain and is even the cause of depression and mental disorders!

We actually make our own kombucha as well as artisan vinegars here in @gardenofeden which are even more exciting as we can make them just the way we like and do it sustainably.

We make strawberry, mulberry and even pineapple brews not to mention dozens of other amazing alchemies.
However I got some of these donated for a review so I am giving it a try.

First off, the name is nice and I like that. Most importantly it’s local. Please always support local first.

The label and presentation are particularly nice, I like the bottle a lot and the ingredients are good.
There are literally millions of beneficial bacteria per serving!


It’s sparkling which is nice and the flavor at first is a bit bitter and strange due to all the roots but after a bit it’s nice and I do feel that all the roots are very healthy and this brew is more healthy than most.

It’s organic, gluten free & all good ingredients.

It does have some caffeine as is brewed with black tea. Which depending on your preference can be a positive or negative.

All in all I liked it It’s definitely super healthy. If I were to buy beverages I would consider this one for sure recommend it.

If you do then please be sure to recycle or even better upcycle!

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