Picking Up Trash & Alchemizing It Into Sustainable Value Instead Putting In Landfill

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Everywhere humans live there always seems to be lots of trash. I have been saving and
Picking up trash daily for over a decade.


It’s better to put trash in the landfill than the ocean or river however an enlightened society would not waste anything.

Trash can actually be used for so many things. I have mad soul, houses and even art our of trash.

I have saved millions of lbs of trash from the landfill already and put almost ALL if it to good use.


Today for example. I am collecting 50 pounds of sawdust in the wood shop , that would otherwise go to the landfill. Not only that, but I am filling up trash bags of which I save from the trash already!




I will then use all this sawdust for our outdoor decomposing toilets which will then help alchemize not only human feces waste, but also the wood shop waste into rich nutritious soil for trees and plants !


So not only am I saving trash and picking it up I’m not creating More trash by buying stuff to Make soil or run the toilets.


I recently found out about @cleanplanet and they actually reward people for doing what should be done!
So with cleanplanet and Steem there is legit reward, be it small, for doing what should be done anyways!
Check em out and support the cause!


As usual I am wearing one of My hand Made Clothing items and jewelry from one of my clothing lines. If you want to promo Steem, look cool and support sustainable culture then place a custom order or check out some of the staple standards here!


From death to life, waste to treasure!


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You receive your air drop !
Happy to send it !
You can hold... you can reward some cleaners ... you can purpose CLEANQUEST... to somebody... or somewhere...


How do I claim it? How does it work?
I can help promote your token possibly.


To find your Clen Token it's easy, go to https://steem-engine.com and connect with the same login and password as on d.tube or steemit . And then go to the "wallet" section to access your Clean Tokens. :)

Of course you can help us promote our Token and the Clean Planet movement: do you have any ideas to challenge people?


I’ve known you for this lovely gesture for long, the last time was bloody, hope the wound is finally healed

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Bloody or not I won’t stop!

Great effort! their missing a trick here. We can all get rid of our junk to someone and sometimes make money too. People are just too lazy to look into it. Good on you for doing this. I am trying to cut down my waste; so far I have had the same bin bag for 10 days, not a bad effort 💯🐒


Every lil bit counts!