It’s Beer O’clock! Beer Review Local Texas Blonde Lager

in quinneaker •  2 months ago 


I like Bitter Sisters Brewers because they are local which is always better as it’s far more sustainable and also supports real families and community instead of mega corps.
If your going to buy beer please always buy local craft brews.


First off besides that it’s local I like the can, Nothing amazing but pleasant.

As for the beer I was surprised by how good it was. Nothing about the description led me to believe it would be so good. There was a surprising amount of depth and flavor for a simple blonde!


However It’s local, taste good and run by a family and supported by a community while still tasting good.


I would highly recommend this beer. I am now excited to try more beers from this brewer!


If you live in Texas or visit go for a tour and tasting at the brewery or pick up a six pack at almost any grocery store in the area now!


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Mmmmm 🍻