Is Elon Musk A Cyborg? Thoughts On AI, Neuralink, Singularity

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So I watched the 3 hour pod cast with Elon as tens of millions have also done. Its well worth a watch for anyone who has not yet seen. One of the most interesting interviews I have ever seen in fact.

I made a post this morning on one aspect of it but as its 3 hours packed with intense topics it will be a couple posts more before I have covered my thoughts on the various topics of importance.

The biggest topic of importance to me was on AI.

Elon has been very outspoken about his thoughts on the matter and is very clear that he thinks its a danger. This topic as all others of significance has passionate beliefs from many on either side of the spectrum.

Im not going to get into what everyone thinks or all the angels In this post as that could be books worth of writing. What I want to focus on is what Elon specifically said in this interview and my observations/thoughts after watching it.

What I found most interesting is not his words on how dangerous it could be but how he acted and how it appeared he felt about it.

First off he seemed very nervous and genuinely distraught about it. He was convinced that the only hope for humans in regards to AI was for a singularity. Meaning basically humans join with AI. He referred to humans in how they treat monkeys and said that to AI humans would be like monkeys. When you cant beat them, only chance is to join them.

Now what is extremely interesting about this is that he has been working on Neuralink which is actually a project designed to connect the human brain with AI.

Now Elon said that in truth most humans are already cyborgs because we are connected to our computers and smart phones every day. While this is not directly true I can see his point and don't really disagree. For most modern humans, our relationships, entertainment, work and pleasure is all on line.

However Neuralink is directly LINKING the human brain with AI.

Elon says "How much smarter are you with a phone or computer or without? You're vastly smarter, actually," Musk said. "You can answer any question pretty much instantly. You can remember flawlessly. Your phone can remember videos [and] pictures perfectly. Your phone is already an extension of you. You're already a cyborg. Most people don't realize you're already a cyborg. It's just that the data rate ... it's slow, very slow. It's like a tiny straw of information flow between your biological self and your digital self. We need to make that tiny straw like a giant river, a huge, high-bandwidth interface."

Now this is extremely interesting because one that is only solidifying AI with humans even though he has been so outspoken about AI being dangerous and likely to take over humanity. Then when you compound that with how he was acting.....Very very strange.

Not only did it appear he was way inside his head when thinking and talking it almost seemed as though he was getting some kind of neural ink feed or download. It seems as though he was already connected with a neural ink and it was greatly influencing his words.

He has also said that its likely that we actually are living in a simulation aka matrix.

All things considered it really does not seem logically to far a stretch to believe that he is already connected to a neural link. His body language, eye contact or really lack there of, projects in the works and things he has spoken about in the past.

All in all I find this very very interesting and quite creepy. Im not making any claims or judgements here because I don't have any real inside connection or information. Just making observations on what is truly a remarkable turn of events with many great implications. Time will tell and shine insight on this, that I am sure.

I am interested to see some of the comments that come of this.


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