First Rain I Have Seen In Over 3 Months!

in quinneaker •  last month 


Living in South America for 3 months in the dry season, I didn’t see a single rainy day. Not even a fast summer shower!


It is nice to live on the ocean with warm sunny days never ending, however it’s also nice for some wet contrast. I have always liked the rain especially to sleep.


Enjoying and taking it in.
Nature provides all and should be respected if not appreciated.


On some rainy Day consider your impact on nature and what could be done to mitigate that and maybe even nourish it.






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I love this time of year when the Irises, Photinias, Wedding Bouquet Bush, and many of the greens in the garden begin to flower!! Awesome shots. It's great to see such beauty unfold on a daily basis. Glad you enjoyed sleeping in the rain! <3

Very nice macro photo

A very good sign. ;)

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