Earthen Building Workshop, Real Skillz

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Knowledge, education & skills are invaluable~

I love earthen building and have been doing it for over a decade.


It is ancient technology that very few still know yet even with all the tech it is valuable.

It is also very sustainable and healthy. All the materials are sourced here @intothegardenofeden and building gets you exercise, fresh air, sun and your feet on the earth.


ALL very valuable for healthy sustainable living!

Not only that but we are educating thousands online and people in real life getting real experience.
This day in age with the “education system” which is really just indoctrination. REAL education is more important than ever.


This is why I do what I do. To inspire and educate people on how the world works and the sustainable and free possibilities that exist!


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A life so rich being close to the earth! Such a healthful and inspiring reality all around. Thanks @quinneaker for enacting your vision and sharing it so prolifically! EPIC!

Great post. Planning to build a cob bread oven, hopefully this fall. I agree with what you said about edu cation/indoctrination, we need to teach more useful real skills. Keep up the great work. Upvoted and followed.

Do it!
Be the change!

I love this post!


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