Burning Man Art Bikes: Behold The Vast Sea Of Bikes

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Almost everyone who goes to burning man prepared is sure to have a bike as besides a cup and good pair of shoes its about the most useful thing you can possibly have. Burning man is a huge space especially if you want to see all the art installations out in the deep playa.

When you combine all the distance, camps, people and art to see with how HOT it gets you really have to have a bike to have any kind of mobility whatsoever. Otherwise you will not get very far at all and miss out on so much.

Its actually quite common for bikes to get left at Burning Man and there are often thousands left behind. Leave no trace aye? Well someone responsible winds up picking them up. Lat time I was at burning man we packed about 4 extra bikes on our truck, all we could manage to carry out on top of all our own.


Because its burning man many of the bikes are quite decorated from led's to more alloborate designs such as this one! Plus the more you put into it the more likely you are to pack it back out....

Plus with hundreds of bikes all in one spot sometimes its hard to even find your bike unless its unique....

Especially if you have been drinking all day or haven't slept in days....


Almost everything at Burning Man has extra flair to it. That is one of the reasons why everyone likes it so much and often spends many months in preparation. Because to stand out amongst 70k people who are all going full out with their clothes, bikes costumes etc is quite a task!


There are of course thousands of cool bikes I did not get photos of

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Love you daddy!

I have to go some year. It looks awesome.

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It’s an experience of a life time

Well i have not heard about burning man before not untill today that you share it. It sounds great


It’s the most famous festival in the world

@quinneaker, This art is really amazing and for sure that particular art is reflecting an unknown colourful essence and it also reflecting as people are coming there like an Great Collaboration.

And in my opinion, art can bring the closeness in life and that is because art holds an messages which touches our deep senses and which teach us the true meaning of life.

And in my opinion travelling in Bicycles is another great essence and that is because we can spread the Non-Pollutant environment and inturn it will going to become an Fitness aspect.

And whenever i see the Bicycles then that reminds me of my childhood when we were enjoyed the Bicycle ride and also fell down many times but everything is an memorable aspect.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂




Thank you and stay blessed. 🙂

Hello friend, but what I see is that there are great ideas so that your bike does not get lost, the one you see in the photo seems unique, similar to an elephant, mine would really put it with something that was very remarkable, but I loved that wave and bicycles.

Wow, I really did not know that this festival existed, it looks interesting. Thank you very much for the information.


One of the most well known in the world.

I changed bikes on playa, The bike I came to burning man with died, I ended up adopting a new one before my time on playa was done.


Was it a better one than what you had?


much better for playa travel for certain. better tires and such.

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