Award Winning Film Director & Magician Poping In The Vortex

in quinneaker •  2 months ago 


Another fantastic time in the Eden Vortex @intothegardenofeden Lots of laughter.
Maybe even better than our extraordinary food are the unique and cool people and the great conversations we have while feasting on delicious, fresh healthy and unprecedented sustainable food!


Alex Voss is an award winning film maker and real genius. Definitely one of the smartest people I have met.


Daryl is a long time friend who is hilarious, smart and is the only magician, comedian snake handler I have ever heard of.


Whenever he has time he comes for the extraordinary experience that is different, yet awesome every time.


We have epic food experiences every Wednesday & Friday 6-9 and cooking classes 5-8
Sunday brunch 11-3 and cooking class 10-2

What I enjoy more than amazing food is cutting edge conversation with awesome beings.

There are a lot of problems in the world, but also very real solutions.
Do something awesome, be the change


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What a trip! A very fun and brilliant time together in the vortex--cooking up some really powerful realities! Good stuff!