A Glorious Moment, of Great Investment: Burning Man Ticket In Hand

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Burning Man is a world renowned gathering of high implication. People fly in from around the world and it is said to be the highest concentration of billionaires in the world.

Getting to the Burn is not easy, cheap or quick. Buying tickets is difficult as there is never enough for how many people want them, they are expensive and you have to register in Q's etc even to be able to pay for one.

Then its in the middle of the desert of Nevada 8 hours from Las Vegas. Then you also have to pack in everything you will need including camping gear, food, water and everything. Then when you actually make it to the site you have to wait in really Long lines that sometimes take over 24 hours to even get past the gates.

This all adds up to be quite a big investment of time and money. Yet year after year it sells out and people continue to flock despite the siginifacnt investment of energy required.

This is not only proof of how extraordinary this event is but also why it is likely to continue to be so special. This event filters out most people that would "want" to go and filters in the hard core dedicated ones.

I love this photo, its quite iconic and really represents the message of this post. Holding that ticket in hand at the gate is a very exciting and fulfilling moment.

Live life to the fullest.


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