Quarantine Life: Day 71, Lots of Changes in Guidelines

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So there are new guidelines again on different kinds of quarantine like ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ. To be honest, those things are getting confusing. What they allow, and what they don't has been changing that we can't keep up with the changes. In some parts which are under MGCQ, mass gathering is already allowed but only up to 50% of possible capacity. While others are allowed only up to 5 or 10 persons.

Coronavirus cases

The current total with positive cases of Covid19 is already 5.47 million. Fatalities already reached 345k, along with 2.2 million recovered cases. The United States remained the most affected with 1.694 million. Fatalities is at 99k, with recoveries at 352k.

Here in the Philippines, it seems the new number of cases each day is in the same level with 14,319 total this time. There are 373 fatalities, and 33,323 has recovered. The number seems to be the same in Pangasinan, though many of are still under observation.

When mass gatherings will be allowed

Mass gatherings are allowed in some places already but would be limited for public services. Still, the New Normal should still be practiced. So outdoor sports are also allowed. What kind of sports? Football? Which is a very contact sports? Tennis being allowed may be fine, as well as golf. Basketball is an indoor game so it wasn't allowed. The best thing is have a list of sports to be allowed. The sports which doesn't require contact with others might be those which will be allowed.

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