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What a journey so far it has been for Quantstamp (QSP) https://quantstamp.com/

I participated in this ICO late last year, and what a fantastic team they have turned out to be. Quantstamp have already amassed many partnerships. Rather than list them I have snipped the caption straight from the Quantstamp website below.

Personally, the only thing I have ever done with my QSP tokens, was to move them to a more secure address, being my Ledger Nano S. Oh and I have sneakily bought some more when other investors have decided to give away their valuable tokens!

Now lets get down to business and why specifically QSP is so valuable in my personal opinion. If we are looking at the value of the project, well this is quite obvious. Quantstamp are a first mover with propriety technology that enables them to scour and proof other tokens. Effectively auditing and checking smart contracts for associated flaws and bugs. They have a superstar team who are more than qualified for this job headed up by Richard Ma

The beautiful thing about this project, is that by auditing other projects, not only do the others have the peace of mind knowing they are secure, the token holders of QSP also get a massive gift. ICO tokens from the projects being gifted to all QSP holders who stake their coins off of exchanges and participate in their "Proof of Caring" project.
https://caring.quantstamp.com (FYI this article, as well as informing potenital investors in QSP, becomes part of my "Proof of caring" score also). Gotta love Quantstamp right??!!

This is the caption straight from the proof of caring website address https://caring.quantstamp.com

I hope that you guys check out the Quantstamp project, and get involved while the cost is super value for money. I have not come across a kinder community, nor a project that is caring for its supporters in such a novel way.

Hot of the press, is the latest article from the Quantstamp team on their active telegram announcement channel

This will give you an overview of how the airdrop will commence for its holders...
Hello Quantstamp family,

For Proof of Care and to be eligible for airdrops of projects which Quantstamp will audit, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Store your QSP tokens in your MEW or hardware wallets. They should NOT be on exchanges.
  2. Show your Proof of Care (PoC): Spread the good word about QSP. Write a blog post/design a graphic/make a infomercial/fan video/drive constructive discussions around QSP across social media platforms (keep it healthy and nice, we do not appreciate spams!)

Number of airdrops you get = (Number of QSP tokens you hold) + (duration you hold them for) + (your Proof of Care/community involvement)

Periodically, the window to submit your PoC submissions will be opened. PoC 2.0 window is open currently. You must fill the following PoC form to be eligible for airdrops:

Quantstamp Portal
Please remember to bookmark the portal link

Regarding Proof of Caring and how it works:

Partnership Announcements:
QSP & NK Protocol - https://blog.goodaudience.com/ink-protocol-and-quantstamp-partner-up-to-deliver-secure-decentralized-reputation-payments-for-56da9d8cfe43

Airdrop schedule for Ink Protocol (XNK)
The schedule for the Ink Protocol Token airdrops is as follows:
0.5% will be distributed at the end of the token sale.
0.5% will be airdropped in April.
0.5% will be airdropped in July.
0.5% will be airdropped in October.

QSP & Insights Network - https://medium.com/@InsightsNetwork/insights-network-and-quantstamp-partner-for-smart-contract-audit-instar-airdrop-more-1bde8625c0f0

Airdrop schedule for Insights Network (INSTAR)
In total, 1.5% of all INSTAR Tokens (4.5MM Tokens) will be airdropped. The schedule for the Insights Network (INSTAR) airdrop is as follows:
1.5MM INSTAR will be distributed at the end of the token sale.
1.5MM INSTAR will be airdropped in May.
1.5MM INSTAR will be airdropped in September.

Note: For Canadians/USA/Chinese residents, you are currently ineligible for INK protocol/Insights Network airdrop - due to compliance issues. Please still submit a proof of caring application.

For future airdrops - if Canadian/USA/Chinese residents are eligible, we might try to even out the airdrop so that you don't miss out.

We Love Quantstamp!!!!!!


Thank you for the information about proof of caring. Didn't know about that.

Oh this project is going to go nuts when people constantly missing whitelists, realise this way they get the coins dropped for nothing. Insight is booked for next drop after INK now

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