recording my first podcast interview today + made one-of-a-kind business cards for qflux :-o

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I decided to do handmade one-of-a-kind mini artworks (i.e. “business cards”) to promote the new Quixotic Flux website. These take about 5-10 minutes each to make — so if I give you one, you know I really want you to have it!

business cardds qflux.JPG

Today is an exciting day — I’m recording the first of five interview episodes for season one of the Quixotic Flux podcast. I’m going to talk creativity, music, e-sports, and mental health with one of the most inspiring people I know — my own brother, @nicksokol — woop!

Wish me luck — I’m a little nervous about the technology side of this interview recording business — and if all goes well, you can expect to hear this interview in a few months as one of the very first podcast episodes. 😱

as always — if you want free updates and episodes as they happen, just head over to the quixotic flux home page and submit yer email addy

what kind of content do you want to hear from the upcoming quixotic flux podcast?

matt sokol logo.jpeg


Any chance of taking this down seeing as it isn't true anymore?

edit: actually, there's no such thing as bad publicity ;)

It's still true. I do not think Steem is a great place for people to spend their time anymore. They have failed to deliver on the promises they made 2-3 years ago.

As long as I have an audience here I'll keep posting -- it's my right to do so, that's the whole point of an immutable blockchain -- but i won't just pump up steem because other people want to. i say what i honestly feel

I mean, it's all perspective, I make a living here in a bear market... And the promises they made 2-3 years ago are finally coming to fruition. No longer does it attract the wrong sort of people but encourages people to act in more legitimate ways.

"I make a living here in a bear market" <-- ???

I know you aren't making a sustainable living posting content on steem. Looking at your page -- you post every day or two, earning around $5-10 per post, and I know you're using bidbots or something along those lines. Why do you say you "make a living here in a bear market"? makes no sense based on the facts i'm seeing

Actually, my big upvotes are organic, if you check, most of the value from those posts come from well respected members of the community including witnesses, I power all of that up anyway. I'm a developer here, I make more than the national average wage in my country.

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