#QAnon & Cicada 3301 Exposed? w/ Defango & Cicada Members

in qanon •  last year 

After @defango made some dramatic disclosures last night, two members of Cicada joined me to give their point of view and speak directly to Defango when he joins later in the call. Some amazing revelations for those that have ears to listen.

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Defame-o obviously doesn’t understand the bigger picture. He may have been able to solve some puzzles, but he is utterly oblivious to the importance of the larger mission of Cicada 3301.

He has attacked my own work, which is very much in line with the philosophy of Cicada. He said my ‘Protocols of the Illuminated Suns’ was laying out the strategy behind Q, which it does, but then said that taking down the cabal was somehow just a new New World Order. He made claims about things that were never in the article, just plain lies that seemed to help it fit his fundamentalist ‘End Times’ expectations. He obviously doesn’t understand what we’re doing.

So, as someone who has personally been slandered by defame-o, I greatly appreciate this video giving voice to those he attempts to defame.