Qanon- Deep State Cleaning

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Qanon is an alleged military insider that provides updates and communicates with the President, white hats in government, hackers around the world, and seems to provide evidence of government cover-ups, corruption, and harm they cause. There is a non-zero chance Q is a LARP, meaning a Live Action Role Play, meaning some team of anon asshats are making this shit up. That said they are exposing some serious shit and a huge number of people are paying attention. There's also the possibility this is very real and there is a group in the Military that are working hard to fuck up the human trafficking, child sexing, drug spreading, war profitting cabal of banksters running the planet right now. Either way, the legion of anons following Q are very real and it's making a dent in the official narrative.

Mass Fuckery machinations are go!

Saturday April 21st Public Forum

I'm hosting a Q panel discussion this coming Saturday at 11am EST (1500UTC) in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel. I've gathered some truthers and skeptics and we'll have a discussion about Qanon and current state of affairs in the world. The public is welcome. We have behavioral standards and this is a hot issue. So, if you're going to come it's ok to disagree, but not to be an asshole while you disagree. I hope you can join us.

Q Posts (drops)- These are taken from here

Q glossery


Q interpretations

Amazing Summary of Syria conflict

Some thoughts on Millisle intercepts in Syria

Damage in Syria

What teams are inolved

What was struck

Syria News



USA IS PAYING REBELING!!!! (last paragraph)


He was also Clinton's attorney...

Snowden Interview April 13th

Swamp creatures against Syria Strikes

dissolution of the state department

Local Politics

Follow this money

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Lock them all up. They must pay for their crimes before humanity can transcend,

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

Praise is a lot of information ...
Thank you very much..

just ah perfect click

I really appreciate the effort that you spend it to create all this posts. A lot of informations. Thank you!

This all seems like just opposite of the media propoganda.

This post reminds me of why I quit Facebook. Little memes with supposedly tons of information that proves things. Yet, trying to google a few that seemed more ridiculous than others, I couldn't find any information on them.

I truly question the validity of a lot of these "memes," or whatever you want to call them.

I fear you are spreading misinformation. I wouldn't mind some links to prove every one of these sensational headlines or stories.

Yet, we know that Russia is currently at war with us and that their have been HUGE plots by everyone to spread false information. How can you trust the word of some random person on the internet and not know they aren't just fucking with you to better their personal narrative.

I am not convinced.

Is that Kevin Heart meme true? There's a bunch of human trafficking stuff on Twitter in secret?


Amazing politic bomb post KK


Thanks for the post - tons of information @aggroed - though I don't necessarily trust Q's plea to blindly "TRUST POTUS" - who has repeatedly lied, engaged in hypocrisy, done nothing I am aware of to free the many political prisoners behind bars in this country, and has TWICE illegally attacked Syria with airstrikes, despite saying we should do the opposite & have nothing to do with Syria...

Q seems to give us good info a lot, and bad info a lot as well - like the claim the airstrikes targeted rebel chemical weapons facilities - when people on the ground in Damascus (Vanessa Beeley for 1) state it was actually a Syrian government cancer research facility targeted there...

I still wanna believe Trump is on our side and will bring down the Deep State, but just don't see enough evidence. I'll believe it when I see it, but just a week ago Trump stood up in front of America and gave a scripted speech to justify US war crimes with lies - whether the strikes were relatively harmless or not, they were violations of international law, a war crime, and violation of our own Constitution (no Congressional Declaration of War).