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Is this Kavanaugh case a joke?

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Im actually very surprised that you went to college. Dont they teach you about logic and reasoning in any of the courses that you took? You seem to have a way of putting things out of context and you make assumptions about things that arent even related. Based on what I see from your previous comments about you being unbiased or non partisan, you can throw that out of the window. In your own words, youve just said you know lives that had been affected due to crazy drunk paries which would indicate you carry some prejudgement in this case.
You took things out of context claiming Kavanaugh is dishonest because he was dishonest about his college drunk parties. Kavanaugh never denied that he had some wild parties back in the day and also admitted to having a beer or two like most Americans. The libtards are taking things out of context by making false accusations about his yearbook suggested that he was some sort of party animal and of course party animals always rape. How about making connection with the fact that he kept a detail diary for many years and could disapprove Dr. FORD'S CLAIMS BUT DR FORD CONVENIENTLY DOESNT REMEMBER WHO DROVE HER HOME AND WHEN AND WHERE IT HAPPENED. I wont get into the many discrepancies on dr fords testimony because im sure you have access to the videos on yourube. Also, im going to tweak your brain a little just for the sake of humanity or anyone else that you may encounter in the future. ...

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@themevlog You are extremely prejudiced and judgmental ... your opening statement clearly demonstrates. You incorrectly state "Im actually very surprised you went to college." Incorrectly, because I'm has an apostrophe.
Why should you be surprised, you don't even know me. You claim to be surprised because I express a different point of view than yours, and that would therefore equate to being uneducated or in this case a surprise that I am educated?
Well at least you've deferred from name calling in your arguments in order to instill a sense of superiority for yourself.
And for the final time, this is not about whether Kavanaugh assaulted Dr. Ford or not, it is about whether his character merits to be on the Supreme Court Bench, and yes, your past counts for such positions, even high school acts.
Why do you think Federal Agencies vet people all the way to grade school even?
And just because I have seen situations like this, how would you know which side I was on, the victim or the accused? I never stated so. I simply stated that I have seen people affected by these types of situations.

I never listened to Dr. Ford's testimony, I only listened to Brett Kavanaugh, and in the end, my honest opinion of him is that he is a white privileged little bitch that when he doesn't get his way will snarl and the fangs come the end, HE LOST HIS COOL..... somehow, you end your last reply addressing it to me when I will never ever be Supreme Court Justice... when in the end this is what it is all about, not about me.
I think you lost your cool @themevlog just like Kavanaugh. Too funny!!!

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I am willing to entertain all different points of view only if it makes logical sense, but yours doesn't. How can you come to the conclusion that Kavanaugh is guilty when you haven't even heard Dr. Ford's testimony?Y ou liberals are full of contradictions and lack common sense. Logic to liberals has no meaning, can't have a reasonable intelligent convo without common sense and logic so I will recuse myself from this road to nowhere.