Steem, Utopian and open source on Pyistanbul meetup

in pyistanbul •  6 months ago

Pyistanbul is a community of Python developers organizes weekly meetups. This week, I have given a talk about Steem, Utopian, and open source ecosystem.


I had been kind of promoting Steem and Utopian to my social circle lately, but giving a talk publicly about it was a completely different experience. Explaining blockchain, STEEM, and Utopian in one talk is a really hard job. I had to cut STEEM rewarding mechanics short to prevent confusion. Focused mostly on Utopian.

The struggle is real if you try to explain SBD, SP, STEEM, RC, Manas, resource pools, etc.


A scene from the meetup before the talk

Nevertheless, after explaining the complicated topics on the blockchain, STEEM, and Utopian I have got a lot of questions. People responded very positively to the idea of Utopian and what it tries to achieve.

I hope we brought new great developers (python developers are even better.) into the Utopian after this night.

Also @hsynterkr, @tolgahanuzun, @avnigenc were there. It's great to meet you guys.

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Well done on giving the talk and spreading the good word. I certainly appreciate that.

That said, you know this is barely a blogpost. I would have really liked to see the actual text of the talk, perhaps. Or at least more of what you said and the way you said it. That could be very useful to others who are trying to evangelize for Steem and Utopian.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 16 contributions. Keep up the good work!

@emrebeyler Witness #75 and now Steem evangelist, Utopian proselytizer :) Steem on!


Oh, dont remind me the rankings! :)

That's awesome! Well done taking an active role spreading the word of Steem and Utopian.

...Couldn't help to laugh when I saw the 5 MacBook Air boxes as a stand for the beamer. :)


4 MacBook Air + 1 MacBook Pro 😅


ah, the bottom one was a MacBook Pro. Then it's all fine. A solid foundation is key. ;)


Its weird but it works well. :-)

I hope we brought new great developers (python developers are even better.) into the Utopian after this night.

I wholeheartedly agree!


There is a related Tim Graham blog post on this. :)

Thank you. It was a great pleasure. :)