Why so Cute!

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It’s a nice contrast to see that most of the street dogs in Tuk Tuk are relatively cared for and will often let you approach them. These gentle little guys live close by to the homestay and are usually out to say hi whenever I take a walk down the street.

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Both puppies are so cute! Are they hungry?

They didn’t seem to be hungry but I think they are well looked after by the lady who owns the restaurant. 😊

ohhh My... I need this in my life.

Everyone needs puppies in their life. Also happy belated birthday you amazing human! 💗 @sergiomendes

We need to get our collab up this week lol i am just the worst. Lol today i will upload on youtube and send you the link eheheh

No rush lovely. Whenever you can just send it through! 💗

I ask myself this every day in the mirror

Those pups look well fed, they probably have a better life than most house dogs.

I don't remember ever encountering hostile street dogs.

I know they exist somewhere, and I have encountered aggressive dogs in the rural countryside in the US, usually that is because of the owner though.

They definitely seem pretty happy and well looked after. I’ve seen some rough dogs in Central America and usually they’re not of concern as long as they aren’t in packs and you don’t encroach on them.

I love dog @neeqi..
We need to take care them.not behave like rudely.. thanks.for sharing..
Biggest love for you..♥♥♥♥♥

I love dogs too. They can be the kindest animal and best friends!💗

yeah you are right i want to keep one..and..whats about your health now?? and whats about your family they all are well???

My health is much better, finally. And my family is well! I hope you are too 😁💛

yeah..i am..good just tens for my exam ... hey take care dear ♥♥♥♥

What a lovely pup! ❤️

They were so cute! 💞

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