Do You Think You're Funny? (Artwork by pixiehunter)

in puncontest •  10 months ago

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Everyone at some point in time comes up with puns and or jokes. I know I do, even if they sound corny. If we don't laugh at our own pun, who will? But guess what? There are many people on this platform who love to share their corniness with each other.

If you strive to make others laugh, I have got the best place for you to let it all loose. "Hey, put your clothes back on! I was meaning let the puns loose."

Go check out a weekly contest called Punday Monday, run by @improv. Each Monday, he picks a random word and your job is to come up with a pun, using that word or phrase. Here is the link to this weeks contest.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

For the beginning punsters, we have the perfect help. This link here will teach you how to pun. It may look hard, but once you give it a whirl, you will have lots of fun. I'm still learning myself, as are others. Be brave. I believe in you.

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