Elon Musk to Save the Day!

in #punchline2 years ago (edited)

Elon Musk is lit. He's like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark rolled into one dope superhero. He builds rockets, cool cars, flamethrowers, and is a physicist/engineer millionaire dating some hot Canadian musician named Grimes. I can't wait for him to swoop in and rescue those kids from that tunnel and defeat Penguin once and for all!

Elon Musk arriving in Thailand with rescue pod

Footage of Elon Musk descending tunnel

Gifs from Giphy

I nominate @acolucky and @steemmatt for next COM


Why didn't he just beam them out of there? You can't tell me he doesn't have some sort of teleporter.

Probably would cut into his car sales

As per the rules, please nominate 2 people to enter the @comedyopenmic.

It must be so cool to be Elon Musk :)

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