Ode To My Hotel Bed In Kraków - My God, It's Beautiful...

in #punchlinelast year (edited)
  • Last min SteemFest ticket.
  • Get to plane gate with nerves of steel exactly at boarding time to then immediately have it delayed (of course).
  • 8+ hour flight sandwiched between a large and merciless Hungarian army who kept laughing at how miserable they were making me.
  • Nice connection flight from Budapest to Krakow with a beautiful view.
  • ~2 hours waiting for the damn bus two cute blondes told me to take from the airport after they bought me a ticket.
  • 45 mins on the winding bus trip that made a million local stops to pick up old women with push carts.
  • Taxi from where the bus dropped me off since it was way short.
  • Not a second of sleep.

Dear bed, I love you.



One back at you. Congrats on the trip.

oh, how i love my bed, and i haven't even gone anywhere! keep us up to date on your journey....i'm gonna go next year!!

Great to hear you decided to make it! Looking forward to meeting you :)

Unless I blacked out, I haven't found you yet! Don't miss me tomorrow!!

Funny how we haven't bumped into each other yet!!