Hey Are You A Scorpio?

in punchline •  6 months ago

It really stings to admit this, but depending on the position, this would probably the only scenario I'd ever need to turn the lights off.

Talk about natural birth control!

Wondering how long the average Steemian will leave this gif running...


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one of the crabs at the beach jumped onto her back

Damn yoga muppets lol.
If you scroll down the page so only the bottom third of the gif is showing its even better ;)


Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Uncertain if this is the average, but it's been 5 minutes and counting


Judging by the other responses below, I think you have a few more hours to go before you get close to the average.


Ha ha it appears so.

I find it truly amazing that this woman can continue doing this yogic exercise all day long without tiring. :-)


Please don't forget to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, or at least stay hydrated for the first day.

Your Words has hidden meanings. Very dangerous if stung by a scorpion, but if her scorpion sting, I do not know ....
Have a good day @steemmatt