Marriage Advice for Husbands

in punchline •  5 months ago

From time to time, your wife will come to you with options.

To save some of your sanity, choose the option you least favor. Because, in the end, she will go with something other than your opinion.

I hope this helps.

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i wish she'd went with this kind of reverse psychology and had just said no when i proposed

for a drunk, you seem oddly wise.


Ha ha! Hey, maybe the second leads to the first.

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Lol, to the point, haha

Wonderful advice @acolucky. BTW, you've got some stunning artwork on your website. Big thank you for the follow!


Thank you.

the people who most need to be respected are our own mate ... Good post @acolucky

Direct quote.

Do you think I need a haircut?

Looks very innocent but it is really a trap.