🇵🇷 Puerto Rico Earthquakes Update | Pt 3 - The Relief Efforts 🇵🇷

Many schools are still closed due to the earthquakes. These tents will be used as housing for students so they can graduate. The schools in this area have been damaged and are condemned and so they need housing to take their classes in to get their credits so they can graduate.









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-Earthquakes Aftermath-
2 months later, Puerto Rico is still being hit with daily earthquakes. Of the hundreds of earthquakes, several have been in the 5.0 - 6.0 range and one being 6.4.

• Estimated financial losses are over $3 billion so far as of Feb 2020
• Over 8000 people homeless
• Thousands are afraid to sleep inside their homes
• Along with thousands of homes, government buildings & churches, one of the natural wonders of Puerto Rico has crumbled.
• Puerto Rico has endured power loss, water loss and road closures.

In collaboration with one of the nonprofits I work with (Integro Foundation) and many others, we've served 47 community leaders in 11 municipalities but there is still much work to be done.
I've been documenting this history from the very beginning.
This is our journey.
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