My 1st Visit to Puerto Rico (Any Locals?)

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I have never been to Puerto Rico, I currently live in the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States. I am looking to make my first visit to Puerto Rico this April, staying for approximately 2 weeks (April 8-21, 2018). I am planning to stay at the Nomada Hostel located in the Ocean Park district of San Juan.



I am hoping to possibly find some locals or expats on Steemit that would enjoy showing me around and teaching me the ways of the island. I do not speak very much Spanish at all. I will be flying down by myself. I will have no issue paying for my own expenses while I am there, however I am by no means wealthy.


Some of my interests include :
creating art, graphic design, blogging on Steemit, yoga (aerial yoga instructor), EDM (electronic dance music), photography, universal spirituality, plant-based diets & food in general, exploration of nature, animals, swimming, beach time, meeting like-minded people, crypto (still new here), and much more.


A few things specifically I seek to experience and learn about are : El Yunque, Vieques, local cuisine, the beaches, the culture, navigation tactics, taxes/laws, and the process of moving to the island.


Bioluminescent Bay at Vieques in Puerto Rico


I truly hope that some people from this community will be intrigued by my post and be interested in being my new friends.
You can easily reach me by filling out the Contact form on my website.


Best Regards,


Staying up to date can be hard so I have made it easy, here are some of my recent posts :





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A lot of crypto investors have already moved to Puerto Rico because of the non-existent capital gains taxes, so you should have no problem finding fellow English-speaking crypto enthusiasts.

Btw, you have a new follower! ;-)


I have noticed that many are beginning to relocate there. This has always been a prime destination for me even before having find out all of the tax benefits.

Thanks for the follow. I just followed you back as well my friend. Take care.

Hello @daltono man how are you?? I'm actually from Puerto Rico, if you need anything let me know. I know a bunch of people that can get you just about anything. I am quite new to Steemit, just posted my first article which I think you'd like. Apart from that, I really hope you have a great time in my island. Enjoy the beaches, the food, the party, but most importantly, it's hot as hell so don't fall asleep on the beach below the sun lol!
let me know if I can help you in anything,
and please, support my channel, as this Puerto Rican newbie makes its way to the whale pool where you and other like minded Steemians are.
cheers bud!



I am doing great! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to Steemit.
What part of PR are you in?

Your article is well put together, you seem like a very talented individual.
So far I am loving this beautiful island. I am staying on the beach, loving every second of it. I have posted about several restaurants already. I don't really party, but I do love going to EDM shows. I haven't found any yet though.
I will be sure not to fall asleep on the beach, or in one of my hammocks.

I will be sure to upvote some of your posts. Glad to have you on the platform. Thanks for having me in your homeland.

I do not live in Puerto Rico, but I have been many times. My grandpa lives in Naguabo which is near El Yunque. For EDM scene San Juan will be your best bet. El Yunque has a beautiful trail that leads to a wonderful waterfall, but I have not been there since the hurricane so I am not sure how nice it is right now. You should have no issue finding people that speak English in San Juan, maybe a little harder in the rural areas, but all the younger people speak English and are very helpful. Vieques is my favorite little island in the world! My wife and I stay at a guest house near Esperanza every time we visit. We like to rent mopeds and go to all the hidden beaches. You will literally have a mile of beach to your self. The Bio-Bay tour is really cool. Choose a night when there is a new moon if possible. The darker the better the experience. Spend the extra money for the clear kayaks..much better experience. For an authentic Puerto Rican food and party atmosphere head to the Pork Highway in Guavate on a Sunday. Skip most of the beginning stands and drive to the end. That is where the party is at! Music, dancing, arts and crafts, tons of food and drink. It really is a great time. If you head to the opposite side of the island don't skip Rincon. This little surf town has a really laid back hippy vibe that we fell in love with. This would be the spot I think you would run into the most Expats. We met tons of main landers that moved to Puerto Rico and this is where they set up shop. I could go on and on about Puerto Rico, but I think that gives you a great start. Feel free to contact me for any more advice or questions. Steem On!!


WOW! Thanks so much for the detailed intel. I will take not of all of this. That excites me to hear that EDM is prevalent in San Juan as I will be staying in the hostel located in Ocean Park.

I really want to venture to that waterfall you speak of, I hear the water is absolutely freezing which is a good thing in my opinion. For sure going to experience the bio-bay, I will be on the lookout for the clear kayaks that you speak of.

The pork highway sounds like a places full of fun surprises, much like the festivities of Luquillo perhaps?

I have never surfed before, but would love to try. Either way Rincon sounds like my kind of atmosphere for sure.

Again, thanks for tourney valuable input, it will surely aid me in my endevours. I will be sure to remember you if I ever have any specific questions.


Luquillo is my favorite beach on the main island. The festive scene is vibrant but it wont compare to a Sunday at the Pork Highway. Best of luck in your adventure and I look forward to following for updates!


PR seems so diverse in its offerings. I am excited to experience all that I has to offer.

Very cool man... I just went to Puerto Rico for a week!!!! There some places where possibly I could connect you with. There may be a medecine ceremomy happening during that time...

Either way have a great time. It is an amazing place even after the storms and people still having no electricity.


Yes that sounds amazing! I assume you mean Ayahuasca, right?
I have been patiently waiting for my opportunity. My nearest experience has been with smoking dmt a few years back. I’m ready for the next journey.

Send me details please :

I believe it must still be beautiful even after the terrible storms. I look forward to connecting with the great people of Puerto Rico, thanks for stopping by!


Yes, but depending on timing it could be medecine from north america or central too... though of course you would have to chose if that is the opportunity you've been patiently waiting for.

Give me some time, I will put you in touch with someone for sure!

You're welcome

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Enjoy your trip and I am curious to see how such a trip influences your art. Will you be making the trip to garner inspiration for art making or just to soak up the sun and enjoy the days?


This trip is for a little bit of everything. I’m sure it will inspire many beautiful creations during and in the future. I also wish to get a feel for the island and see if I belong there. Along with that, I also just need to divert myself from my everyday life at home and enjoy the tropical atmosphere, which is my favorite environment of all.

I love the island man. I went to the bioluminescent bad of LaGuna Grande. It made me understand why people believed in magic way back. It was amazing in the glass bottom kayak.
I think you will have a blast. Old San Juan is a must too. So great there. I'll keep in touch with you and see how your adventure is going.

Took this on my first visit 1bout 10 years ago in Arroyo


THis increases my excitement yet even more, I didn’t think that was going to be possible because I was super pumped already. Glad to hear your story my friend 😎


:) you will enjoy

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Thank you!
Indonesia is beautiful, you have some great photographs on you’re blog. I especially like the waterfalls.