Day Trip to El Yunque Today

in puerto-rico •  7 months ago 

We have some some Nashville neighbors visiting us in Puerto Rico this week and today we went to Charco el Hippie in the El Yunque rainforest. It was fantastic!

I was trying to post photos and videos to Facebook earlier today from my phone but Facebook was... jacked up. It was a good reminder how nice it is to be part of a blockchain social media platform via Steem. Here's your reminder:

We had fun yesterday as well at the beach where I found this awesome shell under my feet while swimming:

I love Puerto Rico. :)

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That shell is beautiful.. The points are smooth. I didn't know you live in Puerto Rico.
The little girl is cute. Beautiful place to swim.

Yep! We moved here in December. Loving it so far.

Absolutely love El Yunque and all its trails and waterfalls! Hope you got to see the native parrots that live under those canopies on certain trails! Glad you are enjoying the island!

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To be fair, Steemit has had its share of crashes and outages too. But Facebook doesn't have the excuse of a small experimental site on a blockchain.

Yeah, I noticed that also. Thankfully we can use many other interfaces that are working just fine like busy, steempeak, and eSteem Surfer.