Ask Me Anything about self-publishing Facebook Live next week

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I traditionally published my first book. But now I've self published three books in the past six months!

In fact, one of my books is currently #1 in a variety of categories across Amazon.


I don't know everything about self publishing, but I know infinitely more than I knew six months ago. I shudder to think about having to learn all of that again, so I hope I can save you the trouble.

I'm holding a Facebook Live next week. You can Ask Me Anything about self publishing.

Here's the details of the event:

Submit your questions in advance by commenting on this post. I'll be giving away a bundle of The War of Art + my book The Heart to Start to whomever asks the best question.

See you there!


Hi David. Thanks for taking our questions. What was your biggest fear about self-publishing and how did you overcome that fear?

Great question, Torrey! I'll be thinking about that to answer in the Facebook Live.

Hey Torrey, not sure if you saw it in the FB Live, but you won the books with this question! Send me an email david at kadavy dot net and we can arrange to send you the books!

Hey David! I received the books, excited to get reading. Thanks again.


Awesome! So glad they have arrived okay. Thank you for sharing. And enjoy!

Awesome!! I couldn’t make it to the FBLive, due to time conflicts. I will send you an email shortly.

Hi David,

Is there a recording of the FBLive? If so, please share the link. I would like to listen to the answer to the question. Thanks! I’m sure others here would be interested in the video/audio recording.

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