Social work, public health students partner with YMCA

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The University of Hawaii Manoa-Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health has provided a rich experience for students through its partnership with the Honolulu YMCA, the state’s largest non-profit organization.

Since 2019, nearly 60 public health and social work students have been accepted at the Atherton YMCA and are conducting field studies.

This opportunity gave them the opportunity to learn how their field influences and contributes to aspects of the community.카지노사이트

Promoting the core values ​​of compassion, integrity, respect and responsibility, the YMCA of Honolulu serves more than 100,000 people annually through a variety of programs.

The Atherton YMCA, now located at the Queen Liliuokalani Student Services Center on the UH Manoa campus, is a unique chapter of his YMCA focused on providing opportunities for teenagers, students and volunteers of all ages.

“Our partnership with the Department of Public Health and the Department of Social Work has expanded significantly over the past two years, with each student making a positive impact on our team and our work at the YMCA,” said Cassidy Inamas. ‘ said.

His director of managing the Atherton YMCA. “Students already have a great perspective and passion for serving others, and I believe that not only will they combine coursework with practice, but they will be able to validate YMCA activities through additional research and evidence-based practice.

The YMCA does not offer an “internship” experience.

All students can contribute their own interests and passions. Together with YMCA staff, create meaningful experiences that build skills that enhance your resume. ”

The Public Health Research Service has placed a total of 18 students at the Atherton YMCA. There, undergraduates conducted an Applied Learning Experience (APLE).

It is designed to enable students to undertake an independently supervised applied learning project (100-120 hours) that is part of the Graduate School of Public Health experience.

The MSc student completes her 240-hour internship focused on collaborative projects within her chosen specialization.

Over the years, the Social Work Department has placed about 40 students at the Atherton YMCA. Bachelor’s and Master’s students completed their internships there.

A distinctive pedagogy of social work education, field education engages students in supervised practice of social work and provides opportunities to apply theory to practice.

Student experiences

Public Health and Social Work students play a key role in contributing to Atherton services and serving their communities with APLE projects and fieldwork training.

According to Inamas, students will give presentations on mental health awareness, career readiness, exploring skills and interests,

and other health and wellness topics and will be presented by YMCA staff and volunteers as a resource for students and families. used.바카라사이트

Maraea Takushi, who is currently completing her final semester as a public health student, conducted her APLE to learn and understand children’s behavior related to health education.

Taksi focused on how health education can be fun so that children can apply health education to themselves at school and at home.

She said, “Atherton Her YMCA experience was inspiring because it created a clear vision of how I could impact younger generations.

This experience inspired me to choose the career path I wanted to specialize in,” said Takushi.

Caroline Whitesel, a young social work student, focused her fieldwork on the meaning and definition of “cultural competence” and created a worksheet tailored for K-12 students.

This worksheet will help YMCAs measure students’ understanding of Hawaiian culture, assess the role culture plays in their homes, and, most importantly, enhance other extracurricular programs that include more aspects of Hawaiian culture. Used for good integration.

“The Atherton YMCA played a big role in solidifying her plans for my post-graduation career,” she says.

“Cassidy’s encouragement and support helped me develop the skills I needed to properly advocate for myself,” she said.

My time at the Atherton YMCA has helped me develop confidence and trust in myself, two important aspects of social work. ”온라인카지노

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