Beware of the Light-Struck effect on beer

in pt •  6 months ago

English version:

Hello people good morning

In this video, I tell you about something bad that can happen to beer and how we can do to avoid it.

I hope you like it and have a good day !!!

source of the two free photos used:
barrel of beer glasses:


Portuguese version:

Ola gente, bom dia

Nesse vídeo, falo para vocês sobre algo ruim que pode acontecer com a cerveja e como podemos fazer para evitá-lo.

Espero que gostem e bom dia!!!

fonte das duas fotos livres utilizadas:
barril de copos de cerveja:


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Even though I don’t drink. But the information which you provided in your video will help so many people. And for sure from now onwards they follow you words.
Especially for those people who like to drink beer.
Thanks again for sharing these informative post.
I always follow your post. Continue posting such good articles.


I am regular drinker and I love beer.
Thanks for your information.
Keep enlightening us.