Entire crisis industry arose after legalization of psych-ops in 2012 by Sane Progressive

in psyops •  10 months ago

I came across this clear and thorough walk through of the crisis industry and the legalization of psyops on the American people.
This video is chock full of pertinent information that needs to be known. She shows her work.

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Your analysis, and the information provided by Deb @ Sane Progressive are important. At the end of the video, she points out that the real goal is to criminalize political speech.

We need to examine what the consequences of criminalizing polical speech would be. First, if you have ever made a political statement they don’t like — criticizing Hillary Clinton, for example — they will be able to round you up, take you to a detention facility, and pump you full of drugs to scramble your brains.

Next, if you have given money — GoFundMe, or any other way — to someone who has advocated for gun rights, you have given aid & comfort to a criminal. Never mind that there is no way for you to know what someone has done online. The NSA knows, and somehow this person has your name in their list of “contacts.” That makes you an enemy of the state. Even if that person got your info illrgally.

When you stand next to someone at the coffee station at work, do you know what political statements they have made online in the last 10 years? Would you think that giving them a ride to the bus stop would land you in Guantanamo?

Can you say, right now, that if speech is criminalized, it will be guns is the target? What if it is complaints about taxes? What if it is complaints about Social Security?

It’s here. 1984 is here.

Maybe mirror it on d.tube before yt takes it down?

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