Part#2 : My Own Experience On Precognitive Dreams

in psychology •  7 months ago

By Deanna Radiant(

Hello guys, this is the second part of my previous post. Its a lil a bit late for me to settle down this post. I'm too busy this week, there's a lot of thing happened here in Malaysia. With the general election, yeah I got too excited because this my first time voting for the general election. Joining the campaign and actually I'm waiting for the riot(just kidding), guess what? it is still peaceful here. Congratulation to Malaysian because making the right choice. Also congratulation to Tun Dr Mahathir for being our Prime Minister again.

Damn this article supposed to be about my experienced on precognition dream. Here we go.

My experience on precognitive dreams

The dreams started when I woke up on my own bed. The dream was so real, at that time I don't realise it just a dream. I did not make the reality check because I'm too sure that dream was real. As usual, I follow my routine which is I would go to the kitchen to get the plain water. Then I went to my room laying on my bed. I take my phone and open up whatsapp, I saw Sarah (my classmate, we never chatting on whatsapp before) leave me a message. I must be sleeping at the time when she texting me. I don't remember or I didn't get a clear vision about the text. But I know it is her texting me. Then, I put my phone aside trying to continued my sleep. From this I think it is my weekend because I continuing my sleep. Around a couple minute later, suddenly, I heard a loud sound like a car crash at the road nearby. I get up from my bed and take a look from my room window.

Yeah there is an accident, a car hit the electric pole. The car seems pretty bad because the electric pole fall down. It has to make a huge impact for the pole to fall down.The electric pole is made of concrete. I don't know how do you call it in english.

After seeing the accident I woke up for real. In my mind is there an accident gonna happen. Is this a message for me to stop that accident?

Two weeks later, Saturday, I woke up from my sleep then as usual, I go get the plain water at my kitchen. Then going to bed again. When I open up my phone, I saw Sarah texting me. Seriously? What next, a car crash?

I'm confused. Should I go out there saving someone life's? How supposed I know the exact car from my dream because I don't get clear vision about that car? What if the car hit me instead of the electric pole?

You know what, thanks god, there is no accident at all. I thought its just a bad dream. But Sarah? I don't know. Maybe it was a coincidence, she asking me about a mathematic question.

The dreams that scared me a lot :

This is not a precognition I think it just a bad dream. I dreams that I have been shot in the head. It is not happen yet but it gonna happen.

In this dream, I experience and watch how did I die. The location of my dream was at the traffic light. I ride a bike then stop for the red light . Suddenly, there is a white van stop right beside me. One of the guy(I think its a guy) wearing a black mask inside the van pointed a gun at me, l'm shocked. I don't know why I don't make any reaction. Then he shot me at the head. Because of that I'm awake. The adrenaline rush, the swear, you know that feeling when you got a bad dream. I still remember the bike that I ride. It my friend bike. I ride it once last month ago. So I think the dream is not true. Its just a dream.

The Conclusion

I still searching the scientific reason for the dream but know I'm just using my own speculation to interprete them. Sometime we have to take our dream as a serious issue, maybe its a warning, a sign from god or from our body or maybe from our unconcious mind. But do not believe it 100%.

If you like my post follow me @zeusqraqen. I'm always feel curious about this world, human being and I think as a human there a lot of thing that we don't know in this world. I would love to discover a new thing because it is fun. Finally thanks because reading my post.

Disclaimer : I am not an expert in psychology. I wrote based on my understanding and my experience. Maybe some of it is not accurately from the fact. If I make something wrong, feel free to drop a comment.

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