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RE: Psychology Addict # 41 | Leaving the Past Behind

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Hello miss Abi , sorry was late for the comment , since Friday we were really focused on our father's condition , but all is well wi/ him now and he's just recovering , that's why i also have just posted today again , 3 days none hehe.

in regards to your blog , i agree about how writing a letter or simply writing can help us , i was not into it before steemit , but it has definitely brought me changes , mentally , physically , psychologically and socially.

It is in having the courage of being expressive about them.

That is so true , courage really is the key to let go of the past , if you are open and happy to talk about it , definitely you are okay and done with it .

with your question , i can see my future self as still a fulltume-mom but! will be having my homebased work fulltime or business maybe? not really much difference but more of i can go out with my kids easily , maybe the change would be more of physically , since i feel ugly now hahaha , like since i am breastfeeding i think all my energy and nutrients are on my kids already haha, so physically improved in the future miss Abi 😀

Thanks again miss @abigail-dantes for your support and always remember that we love you always

take care po and Godbless you more and more and your family ❤️❤️❤️


So good to hear about your future self my dear: a beautiful future self that is still a dedicated, loving mum who is strong and physically healthy! Feeling ugly? Uhhh, when I feel like that a good night's sleep + a few days of eating healthy, nutritious foods really changes that! :D

I am sorry to hear about your father. It is great to hear he is already improving!! Please tell him I wish him lots of love and good health ❤️ :)

i think that's what i lack , good sleep or enough sleep miss Abi , hehe , kiddos are still little , have to wake up not sure if that's every hour while we sleep my 2 girls breastfeed, sometimes one after the other so i think im not sleeping at all, LOL, and that's so true more nutritious foods and lotsa water

Thanks for your well wishes for my papa , it meansa lot to me , i'll tell him tomorrow he's sleeping now for sure , hehe. you havea lovely day ahead miss @abigail-dantes , good night from PH
thank you very much , love you!!! 😘

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