Everything comes in time to those who canT,... wait 🐲🐉💗

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“Waiting is frustrating, agonizing, aggravating, annoying & time consuming and incredibly expensive.”

The truth of this assertion cannot be denied: What is more, each of us who can recall such experiences can also attest to the fact that the waiting- experience affects our overall perceptions of the quality of set activety/relation

Once we are being served, our transaction with the service organization may be efficient, courteous and complete: but the bitter taste of how long it took to get attention pollutes the overall judgments that we make about the quality of service

There is a mathematical theory of waiting (or queues)
S = P – E.
‘S’ stands for satisfaction, ‘P’ for perception and ‘E’ for expectation.


The point, of course, is that both the perception and the expectation are psychological phenomena. They are not the reality ;)
People are willing to agree to wait this length of time, IF its described before, the actual wait time is started... they are quite pleased to be seated earlier, thus starting the meal with a more positive feeling.

Occupied Time Feels Shorter Than Unoccupied Time.

activety while waiting, like getting a drink, seems less time consuming ;)

I’m a very impatient person, and standing in a slow-moving line, or waiting on a call. is one of those very small, maddening aspects of life that drives me crazy.
As often happens, however, when I learned more about the experience, it became more interesting to me. :D LOL

People want to get started

Menus handed to you while you wait is A p methods of service-related time-fillers O.o and a mindtrick, so the sense the ‘service has started: we know that you are here’. Humans waiting to make their first human contact are much more impatient than those who have ‘begun’: in other words, preprocess waits are perceived as longer than in-process waits. ^^

Anxiety makes waits seem longer.

If you think you’ve chosen the slowest line ....the wait will seem longer.

Humans wait more calmly when they’re told, “The doctor will see you in thirty minutes” OR 'Or i text you later' , than when they’re told, “The doctor will see you soon.”

Unexplained waits are longer than explained waits.

We wait more patiently for the pizza guy when there’s a thunderstorm than when the sky is clear.
And secondly, waiting on melted cheese, can be longer then waiting to pay that bill; AS yeah i rest my case; its melted cheese ;)

IMG_0475 (2).jpg

Unfair waits are longer than equitable waits.

Humans are consered about - fair.
Waiting on a crowded subway platform, when there’s no clear, fair way to determine who gets on the next tarin. The “FIFO” rule (first in, first out)
Is a great rule, when it works. But sometimes certain people need attention more urgently, or certain people are more valuable customers. Then it gets trickier.

Solo waits feel longer than group waits.

The more people engage with each other, the less they notice the wait time. In fact, in some situations, waiting in line is part of the experience

Waiting is boring and unproductive

Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right.' ^^
Il be waiting to hear youR responce, to my wait^^;)

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
♡ 🐲ℒℴve 🐉♡

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Such an interesting read I to am very impatient and hate standing still so like Ng wait times or queues drive me nuts
That said all you say here rings true to me about the factors about how long the wait time can feel
Waiting 5 minutes to pay a bill seems an eternity but waiting 20 minutes to buy a new bit of camera gear seems quite short lol


ha ha you & me booTH ;) LOL
see, its not about concept of -wait its all about WHAT you wait for ;) I mean, do they wnat my money or not?? and hellooo we can wait a full 30min to UNpack the new camera tooOO ;)


So true I can not stand to wait for 30 seconds for some things, but for a new camera i can wait patiently for an hour even LOL


Funny how time is fluction depending on activety ;) i mean microwave take a decenium , to say the least O.o LOL


Ohh yes that is so try it’s all a matter of perspective I guess

Why wait? hahahahaha


heay now; i waited ages for you to show up ;)
buut at this point in time, im actually a HUGE fan of '-wait-stop-'
my irl life is creaping up on me with devistating speed, in a direction, im nooooot comfy with :P


better late than never? wait stop works great too. life moves, fast though, we cannot control time... ;)


awtchy, 'never' sutch a hard iffy word ;)
They both are soo usefull ^^

i think my life just got a huge sip of 'speed' pored into it & i have no need to control time, need MORE a -'dude for gods sake get control of your emotions, your scaring me' O.o

Am this is so spot on. We got Some bad news and even than Some off the wissom is true


Woohoo Hi hunny :D great to hear.
Oh my bad news are awfull, are you ok???
I hope the wait helped you, some what...

intresting. why did you add these videos to your writing? please give a honest answer.


Good morning :D First of i alwasy have music in my posts :) the first one -is about her waiting....
2+3 are just my favorit mixes at this point in time ;)


lovely! nobody adds musi to the posts (at least I havent seen yet).


Aw so nice :D Hm i think some do post with music but , i think , your right about not many who do add music often ..