6 Tips How To Boost Your Self Confidence Starting Now!

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Wouldn't your life be much easier if you would have the psychological power to feel self-confident at all times? 

So many people suffer from the lack of self - confidence, and it stops them from living the way they truly want and deserve. 

Lack of self-confidence is a very common problem today and if nothing is being done about it can lead quite often to further more complex psychological problems such as depression etc. 

Here are 6 Powerful tips that will help you to achieve awesome results once you start to use the on a daily basis. 

Tip 1. 

If you want to feel right act right! 

It was proven that people who people who lie continuously have serious issues with self-confidence as they are afraid that their lies are going to be disclosed. Liars have to use twice more of mental power to function in the community compared to the people who are honest. 

When you are always telling the truth you come across as the honest person that has nothing to hide, and furthermore, you feel right about yourself, and it automatically gives your self-confidence great boost. 

Tip 2. 

Always take a front seat. 

Did you know that back seats are always taken first by the crowd as most of the people are hoping that they will go through the meeting that involves a larger group of people as much anonymously as possible and hopefully without any hassle or need to speak out loud to the crowd. 

When you are taking up front seats, you automatically make yourself mentally stronger, and of course, it gives your self-confidence massive boost. Additionally, when you are speaking out your opinions, you feel great about yourself. 

Tip 3. 

Use eye contact as much as you can. 

When you look into eyes of the person that you are talking to you, appear to this him/her as self-confident on the subconscious level. 

Your speaker also takes you as a honest person as people who try to lie are avoiding eye contact as they are afraid that their lies are going to be discovered. 

When keeping eye contact with random strangers, you need to avoid looking into his/her eyes for a too long period as it can be taken some time as none - verbal aggression. But healthy, self-confident quick look into someone eyes is of course very appropriate, and again you are percieved by strangers as self-confident person o a subconscious level. 

Tip 4. 

Walk a little bit faster (around 25%). 

It was scientifically proven that the speed of walk has a direct impact on your self-confidence. As being physically faster gives your self-confidence boost. People who walk slowly usually are preoccupied with self-talk or some internal vision, and they tend to suffer from lack of the self-confidence in interaction with others.  

Tip 5. 

Practice speaking up. 

Every time you can try to speak to the mirror out loud as hearing your own voice makes you more confident. Then whenever you have an opportunity to say something to the group of people just do it. Also starting conversations with strangers will give you a lot of self-confidence as this will break your psychological barrier and give your self-confidence additional boost. 

Morover, perhaps by doing so, you will be able to make more friends and possibly more contacts that you can potentially do business with. 

Tip 6. 

Smile big. 

A big honest smile changes the chemistry of your brain, and it gives a massive boost to your self-confidence. Additionally, other people will be more attracted to you as you will be perceived by them as a sympathetic person which obviously will be very beneficial to your self-confidence. 

That's it. 

Those few simple tips are very powerful, and they truly make massive changes in the way you feel about yourself and give your self-confidence massive shift. 

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Peace & Love


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