Why is truth important? My view of the truth from two aspects

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Today I am going to write an article about Why is truth important. in my view, Truth is a match between knowledge and events, it may also mean a person's opinion or the actions of someone who is in accordance with others and does not harm his own person. Truth is the opposite of error which is an object and knowledge that is not appropriate.

Man as a social being, truth is very important, because they can accept it. So, Truth is a big part of respect for others and its purpose will foster trust between individuals.

I think Truth is very important. but I will drain it from the point of view of two aspects, namely the Absolute aspect and the relative aspect. for more details I will explain the views in these two aspects.

Why is Truth Absolute?

The first thing to know is, Believe that there are absolute standards that determine what is right and what is not right.

An action can be said to be true or false by comparing the absolute standards.

If there is no absolute truth, there is chaos. Cotohnya on Gravity Law, If there is no absolute then one when you are hovering. There is no law of Physics no size and shape whatsoever. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.

Why is Truth Relative?

This second view says that, there is nothing absolute in this world that can define the truth. everything is relative. or no real reality.

There is no right or wrong, and therefore what is true is what is right.

There is the Situation Ethics and way of life, whatever we feel good.

From the two views I wrote above that of the absolute and the relative, the truth that we can embrace is the absolute truth, because the truth that is relative I think has a problem and not in harmony with the pattern of social life, because the aspect of truth relative is Contradictions with self, and all people have limited knowledge, and are inconsistent with the conscience.

The Purpose of Truth which is absolute

  • Conscience can tell what is wrong and what is right, as well as what is positive and what is negative.

  • Science develops because of the belief in the absolute truth, which must be sought and proved through scientific verification.

  • All the teachings of Religion teach the best. Religion teaches the existence of meaning in life, Religion teaches the existence of a Creator, If there is a creator then it is an absolute standard, because religion has authority.

Well, Based on the framework of the above thought, then I can conclude under Truth is Very Important, human being as a social creature very important truth applied in everyday life. Because Truth is a must, regardless of the risks, because the norm of truth is the highest norm in social life.

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