Journal of Psychology. How do we sound in this world?

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How do we sound in this world?

Yesterday I finished reading a fantastic novel, in which I discovered a very interesting and new idea for me. "First there was a word" - remember this phrase from the ancient text? So, in the novel - that all of us, people - words. Someone is an interjection, someone is an excuse, and someone is a verb.

I thought ... I realized that in reality there is no fiction for me here. And there is a deep philosophical observation.

What are words? Symbols, signs, through which we design our sensations, thoughts, feelings, emotions. The images of our perception are structured and interpreted in words. We call what we see. What we feel.

The word gives shape. And the word always limits. The name specifies the frame of an event or phenomenon. The name is always narrower than the concept we call. And each of us will read the name in its own way. I say "rain". And for someone it is water from the sky, for someone - tears of the Sun, and for someone - an occasion to take an umbrella with you and wear galoshes.

We learn words where we were born and grow. Absorbing them as their primary meanings. Getting used to their meanings and ligaments. To the perception of oneself through the prism of these words.

And what word am I?

In different periods of life in different ways. The first half of life, in my opinion, we are all verbs. We learn - explore - know - develop. In constant movement. In action.

We copy experiences from life in order to understand - who am I? What kind of world is around me? Yes, here we gradually gain the qualities of the adjective. What am I? What are they? To what - to whom - am I attached?

Towards the middle of the path, we gradually form into nouns.

We already have our own essence - values, attitudes, criteria. How much they are - an interesting question. The answer to it all life we search. Since we are attached to a certain family, society, country, many of our qualities are "by default" - the values of the field in which we live.

But our adult essence has the right to choose, that from the appropriated mine, and that prevents me from realizing its essence. Movement from the outer circle - running for something, for someone - is gradually transformed into observation. Behind others. For their priorities and meanings. Behind your reactions. Stereotypes.

Change of world view? Looks like…

You can stay for life synonymous with your environment. You can become antonym. Only rebellion is the same "leash", because "on the contrary" is firmly tied to the one against which you protest.

And you can try to sound. Yourself.

The crisis of the middle of life is so often called. When you start to feel that you are tired of being "instead of-estate". Or to someone else's adjectives. Or just run around the given once and for all round, "rehearsing" the once-and-for-all road markers.

You have already typed the qualities of verbs and adjectives. You know how to be an apology. But who are you as a noun? How to understand this? Discarding the usual "access passwords" - how to prove yourself?

Fearfully. To lean-that on what? Where is this essence? How to find it?

Depreciating the past path? Grumbling, that's where they started to know where, and moreover, they called him not know how? It's unlikely ... Everything that happened to you is definitely yours. In memories, impressions, opinions. And the past is programmed exactly like the future. The words that formulate the experience.

It is possible for any of us to say to ourselves: "I am a man. Sometimes I made discoveries, sometimes I made mistakes. Sometimes it took off, sometimes it would hang, sometimes it would fall. I did it in different ways. It is hardly possible to change my past. But I have every reason to respect my experience. And take it into account in your "today" and "tomorrow".

I exist! Day by day I live, gaining impressions. Giving their own and other people's familiar meanings to what is happening to me and around me.

Words are the keys that each of us owns. Keys from different doors of Life. In the country of fools, for example. Or in the country of fulfillment of desires.

I want to finish this ... with a call: "Be attentive to words!" Because you are first of all those words that you speak most often ... Because you sound in this world as your word.

Author - Irina Lopatuhina

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist


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intriguing @psychologies , am curious to know more about consciousness and what makes us humans.
just adore this part "The crisis of the middle of life "
I understand this alittle bit late but am extremely thankful that I did.
am an introvert kind of person and I was hanging around with too many extroverts , I was about to ruin my whole life I believed that I have to change my belifes to get acceptance from the outer world, people tell me that you're weird , so I spent s long time with myself, I thought deeply about the problem till I discovrerd that I was asked the wrong question and I learnt these views that separetes me from the masses didn't meant to just reshape them and be spmeone else to gain people acceptance, no no that's my inner strenght am not suuposed to change it its's like trying to force the apple to fall in other direction rather than the ground and that's not gonna happen , am not good with social activities but am good at analytical thinking that's my gift just like anyone else's gift.

Wow I m impressed❤ I just upvoted ur post😁 n followed u, pls do well to follow back.
I love this part of d post 😍😍I want to finish this ... with a call: "Be attentive to words!" Because you are first of all those words that you speak most often ... Because you sound in this world as your word.

It is a great article of psychology.Thanks for your valuable & informative post.
We can gather a lot of information by your post.
@Resteem & follow has done.

nice post thanks very much

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