How to recognize a narcissist.

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Today I would like to talk about this pathology, being unfortunately stuck in an individual with such traits I thought it appropriate to document, not being psychologic my information will certainly be fragmented and scarce, also having been documented trivially via search on the internet can not say with certainty the veracity of all the information.

There is talk of a disease that most afflicts men and that is part of our Western culture.

How to recognize a narcissist?

The narcissist is harmful to his partner and sometimes to himself, despite his attitudes is a person who suffers immensely.

The narcissist initially appears to be very charming, usually endowed with a very fine intelligence, he studies his "prey" well in order to create a character that may please them. They exalt and adore the victim, making her feel special, unique, incredible and understood. They run fast and often already make great promises from the first meetings, they are super lovers without even knowing the victim.
Understanding, however, is not real is only the result of careful study, the narcissist does not have developed empathic skills.Right away, they will proceed to a process of devaluation of the victim, making her/him feel lost and belittling it with critiques and apparently innocuous affirmations.

Their goal, also suffering from them, is to undermine the victim 's self - esteem. They themselves have low self-esteem because they have never really known each other and hiself , denying their own self and hiding it in what appears to be a disproportionate ego from the outside, often clad in an arrogant and arrogant character. Speaking of themselves, they tend to exaggerate and feel great and superior.
They are the best but they are destroyed inside.
The narcissist lives with attentions and not having created in him a profound inner discomfort, he nourishes himself with attentions and for destroying the other, he does not tolerate that one looks at anyone outside of him, must be at the center of everything, constantly.


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Generally the victim is a sensitive person with characteristics that the narcissist would like for himself.
It will slowly try to isolate it from friends and acquaintances, it will diminish it, it will lead it to get away from everything and everyone just to follow him, creating a bond of morbid dependence.
The victim will have difficulty leaving and immediately realizing the trap where he has fallen, the narcissist will play on the guilt and how he will feel a departure will return to be sweet and seductive in order to retain the object of his desire in his arms.
The narcissist hates to do without his spectator has therefore difficulty in letting go of the victim.
Pathological narcissism is a pathology that is still little known, some theories even invalidate it, citing these behaviors and symptoms to other pathologies and not to the specific one of narcissism.

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It's good you talk about this.

There is talk of a disease that most afflicts men and that is part of our Western culture.

I'd like to put question marks by that "talk"

I don't believe it's a for the most part a men's thing and/or a western culture thing.

Woman are extremely manipulative and narcissistic too, but that is not seen like that a because it's seen as normal. I know a lot of narcissistic woman, but their narcissism is covert and seen by society with the euphemisms....caring....altruistic, protection, worrying.. while they are not.

Oh and I am a woman. I'm not defending N men, nor N woman either I'm not defending western culture N's either just like I'm not defending N's out of other cultures. To say it short, I judge the individual I don't discriminate between the sexes or color or culture or whatever.

I however like the post very much, the more this knowledge gets out the better. Thank you for that.


Yes i agree with you women too can be narcisisstic as a pathology, dangerous like everyone else. About the post it was not my opinion i search in some books, i published too the sources of this research and they say that this kind of pathology afflicts more men than women. I do not know if it's true or not, i met only a narcissist ( And i intend narcisism pathology not the attitude, are different things) and it was male with a big ego, a need of control, manipulative, obsessive and stalker too. =( By the way i am sure this pathology hits both men and women =( Is important to recognize them and have no more contacts with them


I can not read the sources But I can imagine that it shows differently in men and woman, and that this is the overt man version and a study thereof.

What I also read is that this also has a lot to do with how a child is raised and cared for. That probably one or both of the parents narcissism leads to narcissism in the child. There is also a lot of info on family dynamics (scapegoat, golden child etc)
It's an interesting subject but also a very important one. And yes like you said. It is very important to recognize them, and this knowledge can safe your self worth, sanity and even your life. And having no more contact is the best thing one can do, even if they might be family....... get out.

Thank you for the reply :)


Yes i agree, i think i need to do more researches, i do not know much about narcisisst parenthood but i think having such a parent create a big damage in the child =(