~ FLOW STATE ~ Being in the Zone!

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First I strongly recommend you to watch this amazing video about flow! If you haven't already..

This is how I write my posts. This is how you must do anything that you care about the quality of your work. In flow...

Flow state in an other word zone may come in many different ways. Through listening music, staring at an astonishing painting, standing in front of an amazing view, fighting, playing computer games. Flow means the state of mind which mind focuses with it's full potential to present moment to get the most out of it. Your body focuses on your senses, and when it's time to action, you do things in a most raw and natural way.


Virtue of Flow

Flow comes with a great joy and lightness. We see this almost childlike attitude in many great public figures. These people are mastered the flow state by mastering what they do for living. Their success is not a coincidence.


I want to stress on a word that I just used "childlike". Because as the video mentions, children live in constant flow state. They don't make premeditated calculations, they don't filter what they are going to say, they stay fully focused on their environment, constantly learning, always smiling, amazed by the miracle called life. Even when they are upset, they fully express their emotions in the moment and get relief in no time. When you think about it, what a wise way of living! We have a lot to learn from our childhood.

Being in a flow means being the best version of yourself by constantly being student of life. Living means learning on it's core.


Implementing Flow into Our Lives

As I mentioned in some of my previous posts (mind, anticipation, motivation), our minds suffer in todays environment. There wasn't enough time for our brains to evolve for the modern world. Please check the links to get more of my insights about those specific subjects. We need to learn our nature, and decide accordingly to how we should build our own lives in this crazy and unnatural world. Keep your bounds strong with the nature, do what you love for living and keep following me!

Ps: I will write more about flow, when I write about Eckhart Tolle! Your comments are very important for me. Please share your opinions about the subject!

Crazy good article, thanks for sharing this here!
RIP Bruce

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Have you read the book "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi? Fits perfectly with your post! Also, if you like Bruce Lee, check this out: https://steemit.com/inspiration/@adambarratt/bruce-lee-s-definite-chief-aim