What is autism? 4 Symptoms before the age of 2 that may indicate autism

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In this post I will try to define autism spectrum disorder a very short way and I will attach 4 behaviors that according to [NICE] (https://www.nice.org.uk/) could help detect a case of autism in an early age. In case of interest in the community, I would deal with the matter in much more depth. A pleasure to answer if there are any questions.

Small introduction of what is the ASD

There is often confusion about the concept of autism. ... Rian Man and all the stuff. In the first place, we must know that the most appropriate term to define this behavior is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is called Spectrum because it includes a very wide range of behaviors. Therefore, children with severe autism, who often do not speak or interact, will have the same diagnosis as children with what was previously called Asperger syndrome, which is a very mild type of autism.

This , in my opinion, is the main reason for the existence of this confusion.

And I say, << what was previously called Asperger syndrome >> because in the last revision of the manual used by specialists to diagnose mental disorders (called DSM) Asperger syndrome has been removed from the list of disorders and has come to be considered part of the ASD.

This undoubtedly also helps the general confusion: not even the scientific community seems to agree on certain aspects, to determine what is meant by autism or ASD.

Apparently there are only three symptoms that everyone agrees to concur in the ASD:

  • Problems developing social skills.
  • Problems with communication, speech, and language.
  • Preference for repetitive behaviors and routines.

Symptoms for Early Detection of ASD

Well then, I do not get more, I said that the post would be brief (I already look like my mother-in-law). These are the four behaviours that signal further evaluation may be warranted:

  1. Do not babble at the age of 12 months.
  2. Do not make gestures (aim, greet or grab) at 12 months.
  3. Does not say single words at 16 months.
  4. Does not say two-word phrases by itself at 24 months

Thank you for reading. And Sorry if my english is not perfect I'm working on it.

Source of image: [1]

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