Feminism, Misogyny, and Racism, are Symptoms of the Same Mental Illness Caused by the NWO System Brainwashing

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Feminism and misogyny is ultimately a war between genders, and racism is a war between skin colors, a war against love.

I can remember the seeds of modern feminism being planted into children since I was a kid in 1st grade through middle school and high school. I would hear many times, "Boys are so stupid" with supportive laughter, it sounds a like a joke but these jokes are supported by the controlled mainstream media in repetition to the point where women begin to believe this to be the truth over time. Generalization of an entire group of people is neglecting the vast variety of intelligence within the group being judged so therefore generalization is never accurate, thats why racism and masculine superiority falls into the same illness as feminine superiority. I'm not talking about feminism in the past that fought to gain women's equal rights like voting, I'm talking about modern feminism which is based on finding superiority over men while at the same time pretending to be victims of men, an insecure inferiority complex, similar to the group "black lives matter" that says all blacks are victims (assumes inequality) and all whites have to pay for all the damages of slavery which was conducted by less than 2% of the entire white population in America in the mid 1800s, black lives matter fuels hatred not love and now colleges and universities are creating segregated dorms for different races which is contradictory to ending racism, because they are fueling racism and inequality, not equality. Fighting for equality by demanding inequality is a contradiction. Men have also been sometimes falsely accused of rape because women are told that men will always take advantage of them sexually even if the woman had consented to sex. Feminism is actually a class in college to brainwash women on topics like this. Here's a link to an article about segregated dorms:

Women always hear about how they develop faster than men, physically, which is generally true, in teenage years but some women extend this logic for the rest of their life to believe that men are never developed in comparison to women, mentally and emotionally, because of mainstream media brainwashing. Men are also brainwashed by the mainstream media to look at women as sexual objects like most pop rappers and singers do, calling them "hoes and bitches" along with music videos, movies, and shows that also portray women this way, as sexual objects or prostitutes, and also as "gold-diggers" that only want men for their money, social status, and physical appearance, this media is jammed into the brains of children and adults, both males and females, to focus on the manipulated 3-dimensional reality of materialism, rather than focusing on higher spiritual perspectives, like the "content of their character" as Martin Luther King Jr. would say, which is what actually matters because we are all life as ONE together with nature and the universe, regardless of colors and genders. The mainstream media is forgetting this, purposefully, it's no coincidence that MLK and Gandhi were killed for these views. Some brainwashed women have even assumed and adopted the role of a "gold-digging" sexual object as the mainstream media depicts women to be. So, when women are manipulated to look down at men, and men are manipulated to look down at women, then we have the dysfunction and lack of harmony between men and women usually starting in the teenage years.

Is it a coincidence that divorce rates are skyrocketing? Families are being destroyed? Not at all, considering the mainstream media and education that influences many people. Broken families have negative psychological effects on the development of children that live in dysfunctional families with only a mom or only a dad, as well as having parents that are both gone most of the time because they're slaves to their careers or jobs and making money. When people choose their partner based only on shallow criteria like physical appearance, social status, or money, they are very likely to be disappointed and unfulfilled by their choices and they will wonder why, because the media had always said it was the right way. But the mainstream media has an agenda.

One agenda is money, money, money. Men are told that without money, there are no women. Women are told to look for men with money or make money themselves as a priority. This leads to the slavery of humans desperately finding ways to make money even it means sacrificing everything else, even their morality, to get money because their minds have been conditioned that with money, you will find love and all your dreams will come true. The system has been corrupted and that's why we see the problems we see today. Nothing is what it seems to be when we're growing up, most things have been turned upside down. Men are being told to look at women only sexually, and women are being told that they are better than men, this fuels both feminism and misogyny, because the mentality of it is based on the DIFFERENCES and expanding the differences, and not the SIMILARITIES of men and women. This leads to DIVISION and not UNITY. It causes various mental and spiritual illnesses when men give up on women, and women give up on men, such as mass loneliness, depression, empty relationships based on sex often called "open relationships", cheating and lack of loyalty, divorces, suicides, sexual assaults, addiction to drugs and alcohol, confusion, masturbation, obsession with pornography, and resorting to homosexuality in some cases because they have given up on the opposite gender. There are natural physical differences in the minds and bodies of men and women, but it is meant to serve the natural order of balance to create harmony and children, which continues the existence and growth of the human race and life. There is no spiritual difference. One gender is never superior to another, only the illusion of superiority and inferiority causes chaos and hatred like feminism and misogyny which is based on misunderstandings and systematic brainwashing that ultimately results in chaos and hatred, a war between the genders, just like racism is an illusion of superiority and inferiority. We are still ONE together as an organism. We're an organism inside of an organism (Earth), inside of another organism (solar system), inside of galaxy, inside of a universe, etc.

Feminism, misogyny, and racism are all manipulations of the human mind conducted by social engineers directing mainstream media propaganda and the controlled education made to suppress and manipulate knowledge. It is meant to destroy the essence of True Love. Love is to set aside all differences and love each other for who we are as a full human being beyond the 3-dimensional viewpoint as well as loving other life forms. Human beings are beyond 3 dimensions but the mainstream control grid brainwashes people into thinking that what we see with our limited human eyes, is all there is. Can we see radio waves? No, can we see positive and negative energy? No, we feel it, but positive and negative energy does have a large effect on the 3 dimensions which are all expressions of energy. The human eye only sees a fraction of the universe.

It is the SIMILARITIES BETWEEN US that we should focus on, because after all, the future of the human race depends on Love, not hatred or division which is the opposite of love and unity. Love creates children, good art, promotes truth and creates meaningful jobs, it is the essence and basis of all life in the universe. The mainstream system bias towards destroying the essence of Love, comes from the virus that controls the media and education to do this more and more, the virus that produces hate, war, disease, mental illness, and poverty in the world. We must be aware of this force in order to know how to combat it and live free from its mental and spiritual manipulation and find True Love in our life which is not based on money. Money is just a piece of paper, or electronic digital numbers on a computer screen, that humans are trained to be slaves to, money is not even close to being as important as Love. By understanding the underlying nature and cause of feminism, misogyny, and racism, it reveals the negative nature of it that produces problems because of its lack of unity, and also how it is based on ignorance. UNITY is a basic aspect of True Love.

True Love is the answer to the world's problems because it is the opposite of war. Feminism and misogyny is ultimately a war between genders, and racism is a war between skin colors. Love is the solution to war. Love is peace.

Written by Marco Amaya



You have a good appreciation for things on the surface, but let me add some concepts to research

identity politics (feminism and some racism) are driven by cultural marxism. the most vocal proponent of this propaganda is herbert marcuse , one of the most prolific of New left ideologues

the Red Pill concept seeks to explain male female interactions on a realistic basis Like the alt-right, it is best to seek out for yourself what the Red Pill actually is rather than listen to the mainstream narrative definition of the term. The Redpill subreddit at Reddit has an extensive list of resources for your research.

Good post, Marco

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