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RE: Psychology Addict # 41 | Leaving the Past Behind

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Only posted 8 minutes ago , and I've read a full post of oyur! amazing! (normally it's a two day event).

The reason being, that I agree with everything you said. (or close to).

which makes me think that some wounds are resistant to the restorative agency of time.

I think past wounds are perceived as wounds by choice (conciously or otherwise.
Start to perceive your wounds as battle scars o flife, and show them proudly, is a much healthier way to see them..
...At the end of the day it's the past -and only about your perception.
Don't deny your wounds - is as equally important - accept them.
They are part of who you are, and never be apologetic for that - ever.

I see life as a train journey. We are in the carriage and the train is only going in one direction.

Whether you choose to take a seat looking where you've come from, or whether you choose to look forwards, is, ultimately - your choice.

One thing is for certain, the train only has one destination, and none of us know which platform we have to get off.

Might just as well enjoy the oncoming scenery, and the wind in yer face!

Do I get bonus points for first reply?
(whispers :good of you to make btw. I'm impressed! 😂😂)


You get a star for first reply : 🌟 + a heart 💛 for how beautiful your comment is! Your words are inspirational and truthful! Thank you for writing them down here :D

Now, what do I get for making it today? I would like to order one of those delicious loaves of bread you make, please!

Take care :*

Awww , I feel special now...(sorry for all the typos, even more than usual - I was all excited! lol)

I would send you one straight away, senhora - but unfortunately it's pointless - There are no preservatives or additives in my loaves..
If you were thinking of starting a penicillin farm, it could act as good starter culture, I suppose...

(I think 2 consecutive weeks is most commendable ...but it hardly merits a loaf delivery - penicillin riddled, or otherwise..
We will discuss it again in 10 posts, and 10 weeks, time..)

What don't I do for a fresh loaf of bread!

Tis my weakness to.
When I was on my non carb diet - bread was the flirty tease that had me falling off my discipline wagon...every...single...time...
Not sweets, or pasta, or soft drinks...

Luckily for me, I don't beat myself up for my weaknesses...

( I wonder If I could vacuum pack it, and send you a loaf....😂)

10 weeks in a row?? 😦 Ok, maybe that should be a goal my future-improved-self can write about in the letter 😏 What don't I do for a fresh loaf of bread!

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