Work addiction

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Often, in the work environment, there's a positive view of overwork in an increasingly competitive world. For some workers, a successful trait isn't having time to go out for lunch or having time for family or leisure time, in fact, they consider rest and vacation as moments they'll only enjoy when in retirement.

In addition to the work-related causes of work addiction, there are also social conditions, as overwork often has a positive social connotation and work is a very important source of status and social recognition. This means that in countries like Canada, one in three individuals identify themselves as workaholics. In my country, Spain, it's estimated that around 11% of workers are addicted to work.

In with the increasing use of information technologies, it's also possible to work at any time and any place so that the employee can always be available and connected to the workplace, so it's more and more common to use new technologies that allow work on the move.


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